The INTO Journey - A Personal Challenge

It's been quite a year for everyone - for me personally it has been a mix of positive and negative experiences. On the negative side, my company (Alberta Beer Festivals) was forced to shut down and there was some days we wondered if we would ever be allowed to hosts festivals again. On the positive side, I was able to spend a lot more time with my young kids and work on other projects that I had in the back of my brain but never had time to focus on. I've also worked hard on being more active and health conscience - which is where the INTO Journey comes in.

Over the past few years I have been challenging myself in three areas - fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. I have rarely been perfect in any of my challenges, but I have learned things along the way that help me evolve the challenges as I go. I work on three different time frames for my challenges - 7 days, 28 days and 84 days. Sometimes I work on one challenge at a time and sometimes I am working on all three - it really depends on what I'm in the mood for at the time!

Now that the world seems to be opening up and my company is slowly getting busier, I am presented with a challenge; how do I incorporate the positive lifestyle changes that I have made with the daily demands of running a busy company? It is not a challenge unique to me - I know many people in the same situation in various industries. So my hope is that if I can answer this question for myself I might be able to help others too.

In the next few blog posts I will explain each of these challenges in detail and why I do them.

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