Tapping The West

Technically the first book I read in 2021! If you're anything like me and you've been following the beer scene in Alberta over the past 10 years - you need to read this book. The author, Scott Messenger, provides great context about how the industry has been able to expand. Scott's also really good at painting a picture of what it's like behind the scenes so the reader gets a sense of the people that makes our community so unique.

I bought this book as a part of my research so that I could have Scott on my podcast. In the spirit of supporting local (which is a strong theme in the book) I would suggest calling a local bookstore to see if they have a copy. I tracked mine down at Shelf Life Books in Calgary - they had one copy in house that someone literally bought as I was on the phone asking for them to reserve it for me. They took my number and called me an hour later to say that they had tracked down another copy - now that's service!

Stay tuned for the podcast with the author - I hope to record it next week and release it in mid-January on the Let's Meet For A Beer podcast.

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