Re-Naming My Podcast - Why?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Kondrat Podcast - surprisingly interesting conversations with entrepreneurs, community leaders and amazing humans.

The name of my podcast was originally "Let's Meet For a Beer". It was an excuse to meet inspiring people face-to-face, learn more about them, and share their story. Having the word "beer" in the title made some people think that all of our conversations were about beer - when really they were conversations over a beer.

So basically all I've done is changed the name. As The Kondrat Podcast, I will continue to meet with inspiring people who are making positive changes in our world. The world is not perfect - but there are some amazing people working to make it a better place - and I am grateful to help share their stories!

So that was my thought process behind changing up the podcast name. I hope that you'll join me for some surprisingly interesting conversations!

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