Re-Naming My Podcast - Why?

Updated: Oct 6

I have been thinking about changing the name of my podcast for the past few months. Why? Because my podcast is based on topics that I am passionate about, and conversations with people that I want to learn from. So I have thought deeply about what I am passionate about and what I want to learn - and came up with three general themes that I find myself thinking about a lot.

The first theme is "Let's Meet For a Beer" - which contrary to the what a lot of people think actually has little to do with beer (aside from the fact that I love beer). It's an excuse to meet up with people face-to-face and learn more about them. This is something that I am passionate about and so I will continue to have conversations with people that I find fascinating and inspiring for the podcast.

The second theme is "When I Grow Up". I always ask my guests what they wanted to do when they grew up - and they tell me - and then we chuckle - and then we carry on with our conversation. So it occurred to me that people actually grow up to be these "things" that we all wanted to be when we "grew up". Teachers, doctors, comedians, athletes, chefs...the list goes on forever. So my idea is to have conversations with people that grew up to be the things we wanted to be when we grew up and find out what that journey was like. We usually have a romanticized concept of that these professions would have been like - so I want to find out what is awesome about what they do and what some of the challenges have been.

The third theme is "Now What?". No matter what we have been through we are here now - so now what do we do? Many people had their businesses destroyed as a result from the pandemic. Now what? You hear on the news everyday that the world is messed up - the environment is f'd? Now what do we do? Soldiers come back from war and struggle to find shelter and support for the trauma that they've experienced? Now what? In these conversations, I will meet people that are making a positive change in the world and share their story. The world is not perfect - but there are some amazing people that are working to make it a better place.

So that was my thought process behind changing up the podcast. I hope that you'll join me for some surprisingly interesting conversations!


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