Now What? A Conversation With Shaneel Pathak

On Friday I will be releasing my conversation with Shaneel Pathak, the Co-Founder and CEO of ZoeInsights. Shaneel was inspired to create ZoeInsights as a result of his wife's journey with cancer. Sadly, the health system dismissed his wife’s symptoms, and as the pain increased they new something was wrong. A private MRI proved it was serious and she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer - which would eventually take her life.

ZoeInsights is a digital health tool designed to empower patients and caregivers to be at

the center of their health journeys, regardless of their medical condition(s) or location. The service was created by a cancer caregiver to connect research, clinicians and patients on one data platform. Their ultimate goal is to create a crowdsourcing platform to help guide patient decision making.

With ZoeInsights as the tool, Shaneel is starting a movement for self advocacy and empowerment. Empowerment starts with shifting mindsets to accept responsibility for your health. One of his primary challenges is to convince people the importance of ownership of their health data and health in general.

In the future ZoeInsights will have the ability to create a registry of individuals with a specific medical condition in a defined geographic area and enable Partners to add clinical studies to their Clinical Trials Search.

"Sometimes life gives you unexpected events. It's through struggle you find your purpose."

Shaneel Pathak

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