My Next INTO Journey

Over the pandemic I have been working on my personal journey everyday to help maintain both my physical and mental health. I've separated my journey into 3 time frames:

  • 7-Day Journey

  • 28-Day Journey

  • 84-Day Journey

For each of these journeys I have created forms to track my daily progress which I have uploaded below if you want to check them out. No need to do all three at the same time - just pick a journey that might work for you...

The 7-Day Journey - A Friendly Challenge

This is a fun way to connect with family and friends. For this journey I usually pick one theme per week. For example, this week I chose "Nutrition" and challenged my wife to drink 2 liters of water a day - that's it. She accepted the challenge - so we both have do drink 2 liters of water everyday...or else!

A Friendly Challenge - The 7-Day Journey
Download PDF • 55KB

The 28-Day Journey - Learning To Surrender

It seems obvious that you can't control everything in life - but for some reason we still try! This "Journey" allows me to surrender to what the world is showing me - rather than trying to have the world conform to that way I think it should be. Examples of what I have done for this "Journey" include reading a book that has been given to me by a friend and increasing my daily meditation time. The key is to let this "Journey" choose itself - rather than you choosing the journey. I know it sounds crazy - but I've surrendered to the fact that life is crazy sometimes...

Learning To Surrender - The 28-Day Journey
Download PDF • 56KB

The 84-Day Journey - Creating Habits

Personally I just got tired of the constant ups and downs of getting into shape and then getting out of shape. This cycle was hard on me - both physically and mentally. So I created 3 categories that were important for me to focus on daily - Nutrition, Fitness, Mind & Spirit. Examples of what I will select for my next journey are:

Nutrition - Smoothie for Breakfast and Smoothie or Salad for Lunch (Monday to Friday). I have kids and love making breakfast with them on weekends - so I give myself time off on the weekends!

Fitness - 5K Everyday! I can run, bike or hike - but I have to do at least 5K everyday for 84 days.

Mind & Spirit - 30 minutes of meditation everyday. Throughout my life, my mind has wandered a lot and I often feel scattered - so I find this morning routine very important to help start my day off

The cool thing with doing something for 84 days is that it becomes a habit - so by Day 85 it's actually harder to NOT do it than to actually do it!

Creating Habits - The 84-Day Journey
Download PDF • 58KB

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