Let's Meet For a Beer!

For me, if there is any good that has come from COVID and isolation it has been that I've embraced the cycle of think of an idea / implement / fail / re-imagine idea / re-implement / fail again ...

This cycle applies perfectly to my journey in podcasting. When I first started my podcast it was for two main reasons:

  1. I love being an entrepreneur and connecting with people. Sometimes I literally vibrate after I meet people because I'm so excited about what they are doing. It doesn't even matter what they are passionate about - I just connect with their passionate. I love when people tell me about their journey and I wanted to help share their story with others.

  2. I also wanted to force myself out of my comfort zone. Building up the courage to ask people to be on a podcast (that did not yet exist) AND forcing myself to listen to my own voice over and over was not in my comfort zone!

I called my podcast Let's Meet For a Beer and I was lucky to have interesting friends that were willing to be on the podcast. The problem was that a lot of potential listeners thought that all we talked about was beer - which was not the case at all.

I re-branded my podcast as The Kondrat Podcast so that I could intentionally interview people outside of the beer community. I wanted to share stories about all the people that I find interesting - entrepreneurs, community leaders and amazing humans. I love the new branding and really enjoy the people I have on my podcast!

There was one problem though - now it seemed like I didn't have anyone from the beer community on my podcast. The pendulum had swung too far the other way. Doing only one podcast per week wasn't enough - I wanted to share stories from awesome people inside the beer community and outside. I decided to create a second podcast that would be dedicated to the the beer, cider and spirits community that I love so much. So what should I call the new podcast? My team at Alberta Beer Festivals had a suggestion - what if you call it Let's Meet For a Beer? What a great name!

So my journey in podcasting has brought me to this point. I now have two podcasts - The Kondrat Podcast & Let's Meet For a Beer. I get to have conversations with all of the people I find fascinating and now have a proper home for each story!

Honestly, I'll never really be done tinkering - the cycle of think of an idea / implement / fail / re-imagine idea / re-implement / fail again ... will continue for me. As an entrepreneur there is something I enjoy about it - it's like how a mechanic always has one car in his garage he's always working on but never really finishes. And because isolation isn't over - now is the perfect time to tinker!

The Let's Meet For A Beer Podcast - officially launching January 5th.

Please subscribe today on your preferred podcast platform...and share with others!

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