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EXPLORE84 - DAY 27 & 28

Day 27 & 28 - Cowboy Boots & Biking Shoes!

Friday we took in the Stampede. It's been a few years since we've be able to experience it the way it's intended and we had a blast. Deep-fried Oreos, ice cream, corn dogs...

Saturday was a little big lower key out in Bragg Creek. We still started the day on with a cowboy theme with a Pancake breakfast in town. Then it was a quick mountain bike ride and hanging out by the river with friends.

Sunday was a nice family bike ride and hike through the campground trails. Then it was pack-up time and back to reality. We had our trailer parked in the woods for 3 weeks and we got to share a lot of fun memories. The kids love camping - so I must be doing something right!


I'm grateful for being able to take time away from work to recharge. I am truly an introvert - so time away is very necessary for me! The battery is full and I'm excited for a good week of work ahead...

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