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EXPLORE84 - DAY 25 & 26

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

EXPLORE84 Day 25 - Urban Mountain Bike Ride

Sometimes you just can't fit everything into a day! I had to settle for a bike ride in the City today. The trails are good - but it's very cross-country. I prefer a hard and long (insert inappropriate joke here) ride up and then a fun long ride down. It's a different type of riding but it was still fun and I'm getting better at it.

EXPLORE84 Day 26 - Run Before The Heat Sets In

Today will be a family day at the Calgary Stampede so I needed to sneak my run in early. It also helps that it's only +22 now and likely over 30 degrees later - which sucks to run in.


Today I'm grateful for my kids. They are at Horse Camp - it's there last day and we are going to go watch them perform a demonstration of what they learned all week. After that we are going to the rodeo to watch the competition and eat unhealthy deep-fried junk. Life is good!

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