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Why did I create EXPLORE84?

I built the EXPLORE84 Program & Daily Journal over the past five years for my own mental and physical health. I've focused on growth in three areas - mind, soul, and body (fitness + nutrition). I created it as a way to find balance and calm in my life - because like many others, I am often overwhelmed with the sh*t life throws at me!

My attempt to explain the program and share my journey over the next 84 days is actually a personal challenge to myself. I haven't shared EXPLORE84 with many people and I'm still learning how explain the concept to others. Over the course of the next 84 days, I will also share the templates that I've built in case you want to create your own journey.

If you ever have questions please email me at and I will be happy to connect.

Thanks for following along - I'm excited to share my journey and see where the next 84 days takes me!

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