84 Day Challenge - Day 1

My To-Do List for 84 Days?

  • 5 km+ run (I can substitute for a 12 km run if I want)

  • Daily blog post (These posts will not be related to running)

So Why 84 Days?

  1. Apparently the number of days it takes to create a habit is around 70. Basically, if you can do something every day for 70 days it's now a habit, and you can pretty much keep doing it daily without wanting to kill yourself.

  2. I thought I might need a few extra days to really make my habits stick.

  3. 84 days is 12 weeks and that looks better on a spreadsheet. (Don't believe me? Check out the beautiful spreadsheet attached below)

What's The Point of My 84 Day Challenge?

My life lacks routine - which is generally a good thing. But health is something I feel like I need to prioritize - both physical and mental. So my challenge acts as a daily checklist to make sure I have done some very basic things to keep me moving in the right direction.

If you're interested in creating your own challenge you can download the attachments below.

BLANK - 84 Day Challenge
Download PDF • 92KB
KONDRAT - 84 Day Challenge
Download PDF • 287KB

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